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Amazon is a hugely popular e-commerce website with headquarters in the United States of America. The products that it offers range from items of personal and household use to technology, books, entertainment and even pet care products. The wide variety of their services naturally means that at some point the customers wish to contact the company regarding a number of issues, mainly shopping woes which could range from payment options, order tracking, promotion, delivery charges or even the return of products. It is mainly for situations like these that Amazon has customer cares spread across the length and breadth of the country.


How can they help you?


Amazon has a very efficient customer care system and their representatives are trained to cater to your every need. You can contact the company representatives any time through the customer care services that Amazon has to offer and the representatives can then sort out your problems. The three service centres of the firm in India are located in Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chennai. However, if you are a resident of Kerala then you can use this Amazon customer care number Kerala 022 30430101. This is not a toll free number and hence you will have to pay for this call according to normal tariff rates. If you are however looking for toll free Amazon Customer care number Kerala, you could ring the bells on 180030009009. By calling on this number you will not be required to pay call charges. Alternatively, Amazon can also be contacted via email.


Alternatives to phone calls at Amazon customer care number Kerala


Amazon does not have a service centre or a customer centre at Kerala but has offices in the nearby areas. You can find amazon service and customer centres in Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad respectively. You could call at the headquarters of these service stations and the guys there will also sort out your problems. Alternatively, you could also call at the Amazon customer Service number which is 18002017575 or leave a fax at 206-266-7010.


Amazon provides very satisfactory services to all its customers despite their area of residence. If you happen to reside in Kerala and face a problem with any of the products or with shipping, order tracking and making of payments, you could call at any of the numbers given and be sure that the amazing task force at Amazon will help you out. The ideal time for making calls is between 8 am to 8 pm. You could also follow Amazon on social media platforms for a twenty four hour access to customer care. Even if you drop a message at any of their social media platforms, the people at Amazon will reach out to you and help you through. Customers are their top priority and your area of residence will not make any difference in their ever satisfying attitude to their customers. So go ahead and have a hearty time shopping and ordering products from Amazon.

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